On November 20, 2020, the INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CULTURAL ASSOCIATION announced the start in Ukraine of the WORLD YOUTH ART COMPETITION PLATFORM “HARMONY” (WYACP “HARMONY”), a joint project realized with the participation of its UK based representative UK Вranch International Educational Cultural Company, of the British charitable foundation “Sincere Education & Cultural Development” (SECD) and of the Charitable Foundation “International Education School”.

OUR MISSION is to FIND and SUPPORT young ARTISTS at regional and national levels, to promote and encourage their education and stimulate inspiration, and to develop their CULTURAL AWARENESS and CREATIVITY to FIT into this world and GROW as personality.

The WORLD YOUTH ART COMPETITION PLATFORM “HARMONY” is to promote creative and intellectual development of talented children and youth, including those with disabilities, their INTEGRATION into the global YOUTH fine arts COMMUNITY, to create for them opportunities to DIVERSIFY, within existing challenges, their elementary FINE ARTS LEARNING beyond school on account of participation in INTERNATIONAL education and interest-enhancing programs and COMPETITIONS with the partner support and promotion campaigns held by leading Ukrainian and global fine arts schools, trade unions, foundations, museums and galleries, associations, and public organizations operating in the sphere of culture and education.


WYACP “HARMONY” is an open COMPETITION PLATFORM serving to attract professional partners in the course of the development of programs that cover a WIDE RANGE OF FINE ARTS CATEGORIES: literature, fine arts (painting, sculpture, graphics), decorative arts, music, choreography, architecture, clothing design, theater, cinema, photography, installation, digital art, etc.

We plan to release on an annual basis the calendar of arts competitions, shows and exhibitions along with their relevant regulations. OUR PANEL OF JUDGES CONSISTS OF THE HIGHLY EXPERIENCED AND MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN THE ART WORLD.


WYACP “HARMONY” is also an open EDUCATION PLATFORM serving to IMPROVE PROFESSIONAL SKILLS and share experience for TEACHERS and leaders of creative collectives and associations whose work is connected with teaching young artists and whom we invite to join online international conferences, seminars and workshops.

The organizers and partners of the fine arts competition platform prepared various awards, diplomas and certificates for the participants and their leaders.

We INVITE you to join the new INTERNATIONAL ARTS PROJECT “MY UNCONQUERED UKRAINE” the launch of which was announced in December 2021 during the Second INTERNATIONAL Virtual EXHIBITION & COMPETITION OF YOUTH ART “WORLD OF HARMONY” commemorated the 160th anniversary of the birth of the Ukrainian painter Mykola PYMONENKO. Our GLOBAL YOUTH ART COMPETITION PLATFORM “HARMONY” was to host the Project, yet, on February 24, 2022, it all changed because of the vicious WAR…
It is a new UK-based international arts exhibition joint PROJECT that serves as a pool for the exhibition “UK for Ukraine: Support Through Art” and showcased items from the exhibition “MY UNCONQUERED UKRAINE” presented by the newly created public association of the Ukrainians abroad “UK for Ukraine” that operates in London and by the GLOBAL YOUTH ART COMPETITION PLATFORM “HARMONY” created by the IECA with the participation of the British charitable foundation “Sincere Education & Cultural Development” (SECD) and the IECA’s UK Branch.
THE MISSION OF THE ART PROJECT is to present Ukraine and Ukrainian art in Great Britain and to raise funds to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces and ARTISTS during this difficult period of the russia’s MILITARY INVASION and brutal AGGRESSION and GENOCIDE taking place in the territory of sovereign UKRAINE.
Exhibition DATES – April 11-15, 2022 (extended later until May 02, 2022), VENUE – lobby of 1 Canada Square&Retail unit in Canary Wharf Shopping Centre, London, UK
WE INVITE YOU TO TAKE A TOUR AROUND THE LONDON EXHIBITION. The exposition includes over 200 Ukrainian artworks among which wonderful PAINTINGS created by teachers and students of the Department of Fine Arts of V.Korolenko National Pedagogical University of Poltava and by teachers and students of the Department of Fine and Decorative Arts of Taras Shevchenko National University of Luhansk, ITEMS of decorative and applied arts and MOTANKA DOLLS, BATIK fabric beautifully painted by the Lviv master Olena ZUENKO, amazing Ukrainian VYTYNANKAS made by young artists from the Shostka city (Sumy Region), BOOKS from Ukrainian publishers translated into English, including the Taras Shevchenko’s “KOBZAR”, “WOODEN ARCHITECTURE OF UKRAINE”, the “KYIV PARKS” photo album and others.

The Exhibition “MY UNCONQUERED UKRAINE” also displays WORKS OF YOUNG ARTISTS and their mentors from 10 regions of Ukraine – DONETSK, POLTAVA, ZAPORIZHZHIA, ZHYTOMYR, TERNOPIL, SUMY, LVIV, and LUHANSK Region.


The exposition attracts with peaceful, radiating the Ukrainian spirit, works of young artists of the “FANTAZIA” studio from the Dobropillya town (Donetsk Region), of the students of the Poltava Children’s Art School, of the students of the Zhytomyr Center for Children and Youth Creativity, of the students of the Sich Collegium and of the Center for Aesthetic Education of the Khortytsky District in Zaporizhzhia city, with artworks from the town of Buchach in Ternopil Region and many others. Full story.

London exhibition of WORKS of students of the “VYTYNANKA” Studio of the Center for Aesthetic Education in Shostka city of Sumy region
“MY UNCONQUERED UKRAINE” – video created by students of the “LEADER” club of the Center of Education Beyond School “SONYASHNYK” [sunflower] in Bila Tserkva city of Kyiv region. AUTHOR OF THE IDEA – Iryna Zaporizka.
April 27, 2022. MARATHON “United News#UAtogether”. Art exhibition “UK for Ukraine: Support Through Art”. Organizer in Ukraine – Nonprofit Public Organization “International Educational Cultural Association”, CEO – Lyubov Gorvat Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine. Organizer in the UK – UK based representative UK Вranch International Educational Cultural Company (UK Branch IECC) and the British Charitable Foundation Sincere Education and Cultural Development (SECD), CEJ – Iryna MOROZ-PYRTKO. Air talk about the London Exhibition at 23.12.

The Art exhibition “UK for UKRAINE: SUPPORT Through ART” and the exposition “MY UNCONQUERED UKRAINE” continue. JOIN US. DETAILS at +38 094 8313557

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