International Competition & Festival of Children’s Creativity “We are all your children, Ukraine!” is the only annual children’s forum for intercultural dialogue and artistic diplomacy in Ukraine that brings together talented children from different parts of the country and young Ukrainians living abroad. The initiative to launch the event belonged to the International Educational Cultural Association and was supported by central executive bodies. The project commenced in July 2007.

Text of the REGULATIONS ON THE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION & FESTIVAL of Children’s Creativity approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports, the State Committee of Ukraine for Nationalities and Religions No. 559/2367/58 dated July 02, 200 and registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine under No. 845/14112 on July 20, 2007 (as amended):

The project mission is to teach the young generation spirituality, patriotism, love their country, honour the Ukrainian language and cultural heritage of Ukrainians and treat with respect the languages and cultures of other nationalities, to ensure the state support for gifted youth, including those with special needs, to develop intellectual and creative abilities of Ukrainian students and of young people of Ukrainian origin living abroad, and to build up a positive international image of Ukraine.

The program of the International Competition & Festival of Children’s Creativity “We are all your children, Ukraine!” is diverse and embraces, in addition to competitive events, the educational and informative program which includes work of the “Harmony” language school, the “Treasures of My Nation” and “Heroes” radio program series, cognitive programs “Charms of Our Fate”, “Ukrainian Heraldry”, entertaining program “Following the Cossacks’ Paths”, vernissage, artistic program “I live in Ukraine”, meetings with famous poets, singers, composers, actors, and cultural figures.

The International Competition & Festival boasts to have launched the multi-year educational program of the “Harmony” Media and Information Literacy School under support of the State Committee for Television and Radio-Broadcasting of Ukraine.

Video materials and EVENTS PHOTOGALLERY. of the “Harmony” Media and Information Literacy School which commenced in 2018.
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