In 2008, the INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CULTURAL ASSOCIATION jointly with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine initiated a Ukrainian language camp program for children of the Ukrainians residing abroad and for the representatives of national and cultural associations of Ukraine to be carried out at the “Moloda Hvardiya” Ukrainian Children’s Camp during the International Competition & Festival “WE ARE ALL YOUR CHILDREN, UKRAINE!”.

The idea of the Ukrainian language camp as of a part of the nationwide program that forms the national image of Ukraine was developed and implemented by the creative group of the best country’s professionals including methodologists, winners of the “Teacher of the Year” contest, qualified specialists of state educational and art institutions and organizations.

Participants of the annual Ukrainian language camp program can deepen their knowledge of the Ukrainian language, participate in creative workshops, get acquainted with the history, culture and customs of Ukraine, meet with leading poets, writers, artists, composers, singers, actors, engage in peer-to-peer Ukrainian language learning activities, stock their Ukrainian Sunday school libraries with new books under the “UKRAINIAN BOOK” State Program. Photo gallery

In 2016, the INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CULTURAL ASSOCIATION jointly with the “INTERNATIONAL PEDAGOGICAL SCHOOL” Charitable Foundation and with the involvement of the UK BRANCH INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CULTURAL COMPANY (UK) and the “Moloda Hvardiya” Ukrainian Children’s Camp (Odesa city) with the assistance of the University of Cambridge set up the BRITISH LANGUAGE SCHOOL “HARMONY” in Ukraine with classes to be taught by native speakers for teachers, scientists, pupils and students.

The Program was created and implemented to provide the English learners in Ukraine an appropriate environment to study English as a language of international communication, to expand the possibilities of accessing global economic, social, educational and cultural resources better reachable through the knowledge and use of the English language, to ensure the Ukraine’s political, economic and scientific and educational integration in Europe in the fulfillment of the President’s Decree “On Declaring 2016 the Year of the English Language in Ukraine” No. 641/2015 dated November 16, 2015 and the collaboration agreement awarded.

The Program aims to provide its participants with the native language immersion using communicative and intercultural approaches with the English language taken as a tool for the cross-cultural communication.

The Program’s mission is:

  • to deepen the knowledge of English using the latest methodologies and applying the principle of communicative teaching which creates the learning environment allowing to practically master the English language and the principle of situationism which creates conditions for the adequate implementation of the concept of communication with the speech situation serving as a main element of the communication process;
  • to learn the English language, culture, and history;
  • to master communication skills with native English speaking peers;
  • to encourage further English studies among its participants;
  • to learn English through outdoor play as part of a summer camp language program.

Upon the Program completion its participants are awarded the certificate of completion and can proceed to the ESL or IELTS exam according to their proficiency level.

The first summer language camp for children and youth under the native language immersion program of the British Language School “HARMONY” was held in July-August 2017during the International Competition & Festival “We are all your children, Ukraine!”.

Summer Camps
The British Branch of the International Educational Cultural Association – UK BRANCH INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CULTURAL COMPANY (UK) – jointly with the British Charitable Foundation “Sincere Education and Cultural Development” (SECD) have developed the SUMMER ENGLISH CAMP program for the Ukrainian children and youth to be launched during the summer of 2020.

A two-week summer camp in the UK will feature English lessons with native speakers and leisure activities including a studio theater, a vocal studio, sports, yoga classes and more enabling all its attendees to learn life and organizational skills, will teach them to make decisions, work in team, and be a team leader. We believe that all of this will help build children’s confidence and will have a positive effect on their moving towards the happy future.

Please REGISTER for more information about the UK-based SUMMER ENGLISH CAMP enrollment:

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